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Kala Patthar UNESCO Heritage Site Ornament
  • Kala Patthar UNESCO Heritage Site Ornament
  • 2 inch diameter
  • Cast in fine pewter
  • Metallic cord
  • Mounted on story card
Place Name: Kāla Patthār
Elevation: 18,192 ft. / 5,545 meters
Coordinates: N27° 59' 45" E86° 49' 42"
Location: Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal
MarkerSleuth Photo Contributor: No Station Found; Original Artwork
It's all about the view. The reward of a trek in the Khumbu Valley region of Nepal is a climb to the summit of Kala Patthar. Awaiting is a spectacular view of Mount Everest and neighboring Lhotse and Nuptse. Marked with prayer flags, the vantage point is unmistakable.