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Meteor Crater Paperweight
  • Meteor Crater Paperweight
  • Meteor Crater Paperweight
  • 3 1/4 inch diameter
  • Cast in fine pewter
  • Felt backing
  • In clear-vinyl covered box
Place Name: Meteor Crater
Elevation: 5723 ft.
Coordinates: N35° 01' 41'' W111° 01' 23''
Location: Arizona, USA
MarkerSleuth Photo Contributor: Ron Farrell, 2005
The Meteor Crater in the state of Arizona was the first crater to be identified as an impact crater. Between 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, a small asteroid about 80 feet in diameter impacted the Earth and formed the crater. The crater is the best preserved crater on Earth and measures 1.2 km in diameter. For many years, scientists had denied that there were any impact craters on Earth. The origin of this crater has been a source of controversy for many years. The discovery of fragments of the Canyon Diablo meteorite help prove that the feature was in fact an impact crater.