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CARSTENSZ Paperweight
  • CARSTENSZ Paperweight
  • 3 1/4 inch diameter
  • Cast in fine pewter
  • Felt backing
  • With soft fleece pouch
  • In clear-vinyl covered box
Place Name: Cartensz Pyramid
Elevation: 16,023 ft. / 4884 meters
Coordinates: S04° 08' E137° 18'
Location: Papua, Oceania
Carstensz Pyramid dramitically juts out of the mists of the western highlands of Papua New Guinea in Indonesia to take its place as highest peak of Oceania. The peak is named after a Dutch seafarer, who in 1623 first sighted this snowbound mountain--unusual in that it was so near he equador. Hidden in dense jungle with 10,000-foot cliffs and ice walls, access to the peak was nearly impossible until 1962 when Heinrich Harrer used local trails coming from north of the range in order to reach it. The trails were of Dani origin, tribesmen untouched by modern civilization and living the rituals and dress of the Stone Age. They now serve as guides and friends to climbers, weaving a unique cultural experience with a challenging rock climb.