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Artist Statement

Unprepared is a reproduction of a hand-pulled lithograph.  The image is printed on archival paper. The image is unframed and shrink wrapped.

The lithograph, Unprepared, was completed at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  It is a 5-color lithograph, hand drawn and printed. Each color starts as a shaped black layer of ink on a litho stone into which I draw the negative areas with single edge razor blades. The image is etched, processed, re-etched, printed in color and then removed from the stone’s surface to make way for the next color. Colors proceed from light to dark. Each color in this image is transparent which allows for blending and creating a full palette of colors.

This archival giclée (fine ink jet) print is a reproduction of the original and not to be confused with original art.

More info:

  • Image size is 11"x19"
  • Paper size is 14"x22"


Note from Betty Green Risser, owner of mountainclimb.com.

Unprepared is a favorite of mine! Why, you ask? Because I think that's the way I live my life!