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South Pole 2004 Paperweight
  • South Pole 2004 Paperweight

This item is currently back ordered and is expected in stock by June 30.

  • 3 1/4 inch diameter
  • Cast in fine pewter
  • Felt backing
  • With soft fleece pouch
  • In clear-vinyl covered box
Place Name: South Pole 2004
Elevation: 9300 ft.
Coordinates: 90° South
Location: Antarctica
Each January first, the position of 90 degrees South is determined and marked with a five inch brass marker. Each year, day by day, the marker is carried away by the movement of the glacial ice cap. Traditionally, this marker has been machined on site from solid brass stock. This year, due to a shortage of stock created last year for the repair of one of the telescopes, the marker is bi-metallic--brass and bronze. This pewter medallion is inspired by that mark.
The design of this mark represents many elements. The continent of Antarctica sits on a star reminiscent of the ordinal points of a compass. The rays represent the number of persons wintering over and the Pole's one long day. The constellation, Southern Cross, represents the darkness.