Unique Gifts Commemorating the World's Most Spectacular Places

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  • 7.17

This item is currently back ordered and is expected in stock by June 30.

March 29, 2021

Hello, Andrew,

I am confirming your choice of art 1a.

You have authorized payment of $1,075.50, the full amount. Because it is appropriate to collect 50% before production, I am collecting $537.75 today.

I will edit your private page when your order comes in by adding photos of the finished product and posting the remaining charge of $537.75. We will let you know of the arrival of your custom order. Upon payment, we will ship your order.

It's a pleasure to be part of your celebration!

Wishing all well!



Below is a review of the terms:

  • Suggested retail of our fine, lead-free USA pewter key chain is $11.95 each.
  • For the quantities you suggest, 150-200, we will not charge setup fees.
  • Your discount is 40%.
  • We will ship (your choice of carrier) no charges, for ground delivery.
  • Expect delivery by May 15.
  • The quantity of "1" is one order of 150 @ $7.17 each.
  • If more than 150, advise me of the final number and I will change the order to xxx @ $7.17 each.